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Celebrating Success: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the AI Headshot of the Year Brand Campaign

As the Director of Social Media at Try it on AI, I've had the pleasure of working on numerous campaigns that celebrate our incredible community. However, the AI Headshot of the Year campaign stands out as one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in my role. Let me take you behind the scenes of this exciting journey that culminated in seeing our winners featured on a billboard in the iconic Times Square.


The Spark of Inspiration

It all started when Adi, our creative mind, suggested that we should do something extraordinary for our loyal customers. We wanted to express our gratitude and celebrate the unique individuals who had supported us on our journey. Inspired by BeReal's "Realest Person on Earth" contest, we decided to spotlight our customers with their best headshots, creating the AI Headshot of the Year campaign.

Planning and Collaboration

We kicked off the campaign planning on notion and canva, brainstorming ideas and mapping out the details. We envisioned a contest that not only showcased stunning AI-generated headshots but also allowed participants to share their personal achievements from the year. We wanted a campaign that felt personal and authentic to our community.

We did a test with the billboard company we were going to use and had some of our own headshots ready to go. Matteo Cappelleti was kind enough to contribute his headshot for us to test with! These were the first AI headshots in the world on a billboard in Times Square!

Engaging the Community

We invited all of our customers to submit their favorite Try it on AI headshots across Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn. Participants had to share something they were proud to have achieved in the past year and tag one of our official social media accounts while adding #tryitonai and #aiheadshotoftheyear in their message.


The Surprise for Participants

Ultimately, we narrowed it down to five individuals to win billboard appearance in Times Square. The joy and excitement from the winners were palpable as they learned about this incredible opportunity.


Bringing the Vision to Life

In the following weeks, I worked closely with the winners to gather their best headshots and a short one-liner highlighting something special about them. We were on our way to turning their digital presence into a real-life billboard feature.


The Countdown to December 17th

The anticipation grew as we approached the day when the billboards would go live—December 17th. I reached out to the winners to share the news, and their excitement was contagious. Some even expressed their eagerness to witness their billboards in person.


The Big Moment

On the day of the billboard launch, we had a few of the winners on the ground capturing content. We also used taskrabbit to help us get content of the billboard features live. Witnessing our work and the faces of our amazing customers on billboards in such a prominent location was an indescribable thrill.

A Campaign to Remember

The AI Headshot of the Year campaign wasn't just about showcasing AI-generated headshots; it was a celebration of our customers achievements and a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration. Working alongside Adi, this campaign has become one of the highlights of my career. Seeing the genuine joy from our winners and the visual impact of our campaign in Times Square made every effort worthwhile. Here's to celebrating our community and creating more memorable campaigns in the future! 🌟📸


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