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Getting Started with Try it on ✨

Learn the basics of Try it on 👩🏻‍🏫 

Express AI Headshots

Open an account, click on "new photoshoot" and pick a package, from $17 to $45, to get started. 

You'll then submit 10-30 selfies, select portrait styles and wait between 1-3hrs to view results.

You can use AI editing tools like Enhance and Expand to give any headshot a quick fix, or request a Human edit.  Scroll down to sere how the editing features work.

The copyright to images belongs only to you, and once you delete these they will disappear from our platform instantly.

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Human Edits

For more advanced and unique editing requests, we work with freelance editors. They'll ensure you get exactly what you need, whether that's changing the color of your hair, adding a logo to your shirt, or even supersizing it to 3,000 pixels for larger format channels and printing.

How to:
1. Click on "Human edit"
2. Write a request to the editors
3. Click submit & wait up to 24hrs. It'll show up in your studio, and you'll be able to see before & after.

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Enhance your images

The AI Enhance feature helps fix eyes, teeth, soften wrinkles and increase the image from 640px to 1280px. Once you enhance you can't unenhance.

How to:
1. Click on the magic wand under the headshot
2. Click Enhance & wait for a few seconds
3. Roll over the middle icon to see before & after
4. Click on ✅ icon if you like it, click on X if you don’t

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Expand your images

Use AI Expand to create landscape, portrait and larger square images. This feature will increase size from 640px to 1024px, and is perfect if you need to fix a cropped head or just want more of the image.

How to:
1. Click on the magic wand under the headshot
2. Click Expand & select format you'd like: landscape, square or vertical. Wait for a few seconds
3. Select one of the 4 options generated
4. Click on ✅ icon if you like it, click on X if you don’t

Gifting AI Headshots

Whether it's for someone graduating, searching for a job or just for fun, this is the most unique gift you can give someone!

How to:
1. Buy a photoshoot credit
2. Click on the grey gift icon
3. Input recipients email
4. Add a message and click submit!

Recipient will receive an email instantly with the credit.


Tip: if you want it to be anonymous then do't add your name in the message ;)

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