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Questions & Refund Policy

If you can't find a specific answer, send us an e-mail at

How does this work?

  1. Go to We're passwordless and only use access links, check your spam 🙂

  2. Pay for your headshots (we only use Stripe payments)

  3. Read the guidelines, select a gender for your photoshoot subject and upload 10-20 photos.

  4. The platform takes 24-72hrs to generate the images and sends you an automatic success email once complete.

  5. You can view all 100 images via

  6. You can delete your photos anytime, and if you do they cannot be recovered. 


How long does it take? 

From the moment you submit, the platform takes 24-72hrs to generate the images, depending on the length of the queue. Why isn't it instant? The technology we use requires a tremendous amount of processing power and time in order to get a grasp of your facial features.  


Can I submit my photos later?

Yes, you can do that anytime you like. Take your time and make sure you submit the right photos for the best results. 


I'd like to customize my photos

We get lots of customization requests from business professionals. At the moment we can't customize individual orders, but we can do so for orders that buy 20+ credits. Email us at


How do I upload photos and how many?

Once your payment goes through, you can submit your photos via using your registered email (not your payment email). You need to submit at least 10 🙂 


What if my photos don't look like me 100%?

Our AI follows the lines of your photos very closely, but the images generated will not be perfect.  Customers that want edits can purchase these at an additional cost, $10 per portrait. To maximize your chances of a great photoshoot, make sure you follow the guidelines closely and submit high quality closeup photos of yourself.  If you submit blurry, pixelated photos, from awkward angles, covering your face with hair, hands, or your phone, then your results will be affected and there's not much we can do. 


Do you offer refunds or redo's?

We do not offer refunds or free redo's once you have made a purchase.

If you have made a duplicate payment or don't want your credit anymore, you can gift it someone else by clicking the gift icon beside the AI photoshoot in your studio account.

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