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Frequently Asked Questions & Refund Policy

If you can't find a specific answer, send us an e-mail at

What is your pricing?

Our famous Express AI Headshots are $21 for 100 images,

$29 for 200, and $45 for 200 images + 2 portrait edits done by a human for people that need something truly custom. 

Our Creative Studio that lets you create any image you like, starts from $19/mo with a cancel anytime policy. To find the pricing simply login and tap on Creative Studio.


What is the Creative Studio?

We heard over and over that people want to have the freedom to create images they love, so we developed the Creative Studio!


After uploading 10-30 selfies, you will be able to generate images in any scene, any outfit, any color! You can even create stock images of AI models.

Creative Studio is a subscription based product. You can cancel anytime, there are no strings attached. 


What are AI Express Headshots?

AI Express Headshots are made for those in a hurry. The process is very simple:

  1. Upload 10-30 selfies

  2. Select the styles you love

  3. Choose customizations for your images

  4. Wait 30-90 minutes

  5. Once you receive an e-mail, log back in and view the images we generated for you! You'll receive 100 credits to use any kind of AI edit you choose.


How long does it take? 

Express AI Headshots take max 90mins. If it takes any longer, make sure to email us and we'll assist right away.

If you're using our Creative Studio, you can generate images in seconds. Each model training takes 20-40mins.


Can I submit my photos later?

Yes, you can do that anytime you like. Take your time and make sure you submit the right photos for the best results. 


I'd like to customize my headshot more

You can click on "human edit" below one of the headshots that you like and submit a detailed request to our editors. This will be $10 per edit. 


How do I upload photos and how many?

Once your payment goes through, you can submit your photos via using your registered email (not your payment email). You need to submit at least 10 🙂 


Do you have an affiliate program?

To become an affiliate please head to Make sure to fill out all details to be considered. 


What if my photos don't look like me 100%?

Our AI follows the lines of your photos very closely, but the images generated will not be perfect.  Customers that want edits can purchase these at an additional cost, $10 per portrait. To maximize your chances of a great photoshoot, make sure you follow the guidelines closely and submit high quality closeup photos of yourself.  If you submit blurry, pixelated photos, from awkward angles, covering your face with hair, hands, or your phone, then your results will be affected and there's not much we can do. 


What about my data?

Try it on will never sell your data or give your data away to anyone. We relinquish all the rights to you, so you can do as you wish with the images generated. Lastly, as soon as you delete any data using our website's interface, said data will be completely vanished from our premises as we do not keep copies.


Do you offer refunds or redo's?

We do not offer refunds or free redo's once you have made a purchase.

If you have made a duplicate payment or don't want your credit anymore, you can gift it someone else by clicking the gift icon beside the AI photoshoot in your studio account.

If you followed the guidelines closely and it still doesn't look like you, let us know and we'll do everything we can to get you a great set of headshots 🫶

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