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Discover Kyoko Harris' Exclusive AI Headshot Style Collection

Kyoko Harris

Kyoko is a NYC-based fashion stylist, business associate and writer of the All-Year Season fashion blog where she offers styling tips and brand recommendations! She developed a passion for styling when she worked as an Assistant Fashion Editor for The Wall Street Journal's, leading a features section called "Off Duty” and collaborating with brands such as Adidas, Mejuri, Bottega Veneta and Prada. Fun Fact! She attended Northeastern University and was a fashion coordinator for Kinematix Dance Troupe there!

We sat down with Kyoko to chat about her journey as a stylist, how she crafted those killer looks for Try it on AI (which you can also shop 😉), and peek into the crystal ball to see where she thinks fashion is headed with AI and tech in the mix 🤩

Q1: What inspired you to pursue fashion styling?

A: I have been expressing myself through what I wear since I was a little kid. My sister and I used to walk around the grocery store in feather boas and jelly sandals, thinking we were the best dressed at Target. Maybe we were! I didn’t seriously consider styling as a career path until I was an assistant fashion editor at The Wall Street Journal. That was the job that helped me realize I could provide a service to people while doing something I love.

Q2: What’s your signature style?

A: Classic and minimal with a bit of modern funk. I am a huge proponent of investing in pieces that are easy to mix and match, and that can be worn throughout the seasons and trend cycles. I’d like for every piece to be functional and purposeful, without being predictable. Including a pop of color or a funky accessory can be a simple way to zhuzh up the more traditional or preppy styles I am often wearing or putting together for clients.

Q3: Walk us through your process of selecting outfits for your AI Headshot collection…

A: The key factors I consider when styling are silhouette, color scheme and price point. For this collection, I wanted to select capsule pieces that could be worn throughout the “in-between” weather that we’ve been stuck in recently. I also considered the sorts of outfits people tend to take headshots in: professional, sleek and stylish clothing that doesn’t take over the photo.

Q4: What trends influenced your collection?

A: A trend I have really enjoyed lately is the “shirt sandwich” or triple-layer look. I love outfits that might, at first glance, look complicated but really aren’t. For this collection’s women’s looks I drew inspiration from The Row, Loewe and Tory Burch, and for men I drew inspiration from Hermès and Officine Générale.

Q5: How do you see the role of AI impacting the fashion industry, particularly in terms of styling?

A: I see AI giving us a chance to get uncomfortable and loosen our grip on control. We love to be in control, especially in fashion. I see AI shaking this up and making us embrace something we don’t yet fully understand. It’s a little intimidating to be honest, but I think the more we embrace it the less scary it will be.

Q6: Looking ahead, what excites you most about the intersection of fashion, technology, and AI? And how do you envision it shaping the future of retail?

A: I am really excited to see fashion become more accessible through technology and AI. While working on the shoppable collection with Try it on AI, I was able to see myself in looks I was excited about before having to purchase the items or travel to a store to try them on. As a consumer, there is a lot of power in that.

How to Find & Shop Kyoko’s Style Collection:

  1. Head to Express AI Headshots

  2. Click on Semi Casual Studio and select the styles "By Kyoko Harris". You can add others if you like, as you do get 100+ AI Headshots. That's a lot of images!

AI Headshot Try it on AI Kyoko Harris
Kyoko in the Style Selection Page

3. When your AI Headshots are done generating, click on the shopping icon to find the outfits she curated for you!

AI Headshot Try it on AI Kyoko Harris
Shoppable AI Headshot sneak peek

4. Checkout on the brand's website. Every time you check out, Kyoko keeps 100% of the sales commission from her favourite brands.


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