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Best AI Photos For Your Dating Profile

High-quality photos lead to 49% more matches. That's a pretty important metric when it comes to finding the love of your life. But not everyone is gifted at taking flawless selfies or is even comfortable doing that. That’s why we decided to launch the new “Dating” AI Headshots style that’s going to give you a little boost in love.

Every dating coach emphasises the importance of specific photos to attract potential partners' attention, which is the advice we used in curating this portrait style. The outfits keep and photo style are natural, casual and semi-professional to help you put your best foot forward.

What You’ll Get In The Dating Photo Style 📸

High-Quality Headshots:

Your first photo should be a clear, inviting headshot where you may be smiling or making eye contact with the camera. This sets the tone for your profile and helps create an instant connection.

We've meticulously crafted our AI Dating photos like this one to make eye contract with the camera, wearing something very casual and in a setting that’s not overpowering your presence.

Candid Angles:

Include photos that aren't fully looking into the camera. These photos give a certain air of cool about you, as if a third person is looking onto you and you're not directly selling yourself.

A Photo with a Pet

Statistics show that 60% of individuals express a heightened interest in matching with someone whose dating profile includes a photo with a dog. You’ll get an AI Photo with a pet in the mix to help enhance your appeal, portraying you as more attractive, emotionally connected, and responsible.

Moreover, photos with pets can attract like-minded individuals who share a love for animals. A picture with a pet serves as an excellent icebreaker, and if the potential partner ask you about the dog you can simple say that you love animals, but that one isn’t yours!

Well-Styled Photos

As most dating coaches recommend, dressed-up pics are gold for your dating profile.

Nice outfits are a total magnet. When someone sees you dressed up nicely, they start picturing themselves by your side and by association looking stylish.

So to help you look stylish, the Dating pack includes quite a few handsome outfits. And if you don’t have these in real life, we actually have links to these outfits, so you can shop them even for when the real date happens.

Style Variety

Our Dating style will give you a pretty large variety, so you can pick the ones that resonate the most with you. Your dating profile needs to have at least 5 photos, different angles, distances, casual and fabulous.

Our Try it on AI Dating Photos will turn your dating profile into a masterpiece, not a monotonous montage.

Coach Singh Reviews the AI Dating Style 🔥

Coach Singh took the “Dating” portrait style for a spin! And here’s what he had to say:

How To Get Your Dating AI Photos 🤳

Head to, buy a $21 photoshoot, select the “Dating” style and submit your close-ups to get your AI Dating photos in less than 90mins.

Don't forget that your close-ups aka selfies need to follow guidelines to get the best AI Dating photos. Here is a sample of Nathan’s selfies and his outputs:

✅ Chest up and well lit, so your skin tones and eyes are very clear

✅ 15-30 close ups - take your time and snaps some with your phone

✅ Unique outfit & background in each close up - this gives AI more data so it can replicate your likeness with ease

Nathan’s Sample Results 📸

So are you ready for the best Dating Pics? 🤩

The evidence speaks for itself: high-quality pictures significantly enhance your chances of success in online dating. It’s no surprise that better photos lead to substantial increases in matches, likes, and first messages received, the impact of a well-crafted profile picture cannot be overstated.

Head to to get started. Happy dating!


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