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Try it on AI APIs

Integrate Best-Selling AI Headshots & Editing tools into your products

Grow your business by selling Try it on AI products in your website or app.

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Try it on AI Headshots Reviews
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How it works

Integrate with Try it on in 3 simple steps

Purchase credits for AI products you'd like

Purchase credits to offer your customers AI Headshots, AI Image Editing tools or both!

Have something in mind we don't offer? Let us know and we'll integrate it for you.


Integrate into your website or app.

We give you flexibility so you are free to use our API any way you like. Either as a freebie or as a paid product, delight your users with powerful and creative AI imaging solutions.


Serve fantastic images!

As soon images are uploaded to our server, our GPUs will start working on the request and send you a URL to view the results. All data is yours to keep forever, and you may delete it from our servers whenever you want.


Use Case Examples

Graduation Heasdhots

The Opportunity

Students can't always attend physical graduation shoots and more often than not they actually can't afford them. Our client wanted to offer these students and their families an innovative solution that actually works.

The Solution

Our client offers their students remote graduation AI Headshots directly on their website. Client has created unique university styles for their students to choose from, and once the student picks the gown they see the results on the client's website within 90mins.


Delighting your users while expanding your revenue streams

The future is here! Give your users a 21st century experience while making a profit.

Price our services as you see fit and make revenue on top of our usual pricing. Once you integrate our APIs and decide which AI products to sell, our platform handles all of the AI modelling, generation and even image storage.


Easy integrations

Our APIs let you incorporate Try it on AI's collection of AI products into your website or app through simple JS, Python and Zapier (coming soon). We can also work on a custom option for the right clients. Just let us know!

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